Community Contact Program

The NBBWCP Community Contact Program was created in response to a grassroots need for help accessing national, regional and local breast and gynecological cancer resources and support. Volunteers are trained as Community Contacts (peer navigators) to support women at risk or who have been diagnosed with breast, ovarian, cervical or uterine cancer, and link them to provincial, health zone and community support services. Often, Community Contacts are cancer survivors themselves. Each Community Contact can receive guidance from health care system workers involved in NBBWCP as Regional Representatives. 

A yearly training workshop is held to train new Community Contacts and update the knowledge base of current Community Contacts. The workshops also serve as an opportunity to collaborate, consult, and partner with people affected by women’s cancers, health professionals and community agencies in order to address the issues collaboratively and help people across New Brunswick more easily access services. A training manual is used at the workshop, and all Community Contacts are provided with a Community Resource Manual which contains an inventory of national, provincial, zone and community services available to women with cancer as they navigate the cancer care system. The Manual will assist Community Contacts to link women with the right service in the right place at the right time.

For more information, or to become a Community Contact or Regional Representative, contact the Community Program Coordinator: or (506) 858-8252, ext. 240.